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THUMBS UP – UGANDA is a Non-governmental organization, it works mainly with parents of children with disabilities, children with disabilities and youth with disabilities.

Uganda is a pearl of Africa, it is well known for its beautiful nature, cultures and agricultural products. But persons with disabilities are not valued in the community they live in, this remains a big challenge. Thumbs Up- Uganda wants to create a new hope for those who are marginalized, especially parents of children with disabilities; a world that they can call their own, a world where everyone is treated with respect and dignity

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To “thumbs Up” is to come out of the bondage, superstitious believes and harmful cultural practices. How wonderful would it be to have strong inclusive communities with a different model that avoids the automatic retreat to the traditional way of life and which embraces a shared history and culture!

Deaf children and other children with disabilities in Uganda encounter high-levels of social exclusion, marginalization and discrimination. The vast majorities of deaf children do not attend primary schools, and even for those who do; they do not complete their primary education.During the pandemic Corona Virus, they are not getting information and preventive measures because the means of communication used are not appropriate, most of the communication are on radios and televisions. we worry about their safety this why we conduct home visits to provide them with available information from where they stay.