Thumbs Up Academy- A Very Special School

Thumbs Up Uganda, Supportive Groups

We are operating in six community outreach cenres, Koch- Lii in Nwoya district, Koro in Omoro district, Paicho in Gulu, Awer and Amuru sub-county  in Amuru district

Thumbs Up Academy- Very Special School

All of us might have heard about so called special schools. Thumbs Up Uganda however is creating a ‘VERY special School”. Why? Because all children have special needs. Some might be not be able to hear, to see, have Cerebral Palsy with Neurological problem, others might not have any visible disability but these children might not be able to focus, sit still etc. So basically all children have special needs. Most of them have a way to compensate and develop special learning abilities. Some are audible learners, some visible and others kine-static. If we look at these learning abilities, disability does not really play a big role anymore. Children can learn with and from each other, therefore our school will be a VERY special school.


My son, Raphael Lemo is 10 years old now, he is attending a special school in Kampala but he has never been happy in this school. He faced discrimination from his peers and never performed well academically. Raphael is deaf and he was implanted with cochlea implant to help him develop speech but up to now he does not hear and talk. According to him the implant make him feel uncomfortable to concentrate and he cries most of the time when he come across very sharp noise. Raphael would benefit from Thumbs Up Academy School since the school will be within reach and he will receive training that will enable him to become more independent.
Thumbs Up- Uganda proposes the establishment of a new School for Inclusion and Social Development in Gulu, Uganda. The School will expand in the teaching and research base by integrating a focus on wellness, social and economic development, targeting groups of individuals who are excluded from communities here due to disability or other reasons and conditions. This will be achieved through certificate programs, training, innovation, as well as information dissemination.

Thumbs Up- Uganda Centre is seeking a grant to construct a classroom-block for a very special school for over 30 Children with disabilities and underprivileged children hailing from the poorest families who cannot afford to pay for education in other schools. The objective is to provide quality education that will equip children with disabilities and underprivileged children for employment upon completing at least this level of education.