Thumbs Up Academy’ Students

Students are actively involved in activities, coloring eye by Teacher Joan and Jennifer.

It’s a week since we enrolled students. We started with seven students last Monday, today Friday, our numbers increased to ten students.We welcome any support to help us educate these students, any support for uniforms, tuition, salary for teachers and support staff. Meet our students in classroom.

Student in classroom
Teacher Joan is showing counting beads while teacher Jennifer demonstrate how to count to the students.

Student 2
Meet Nyakoker and Timothy counting the beads to other students, Teacher Jennifer and Joan watch from behind.
student 4
Colour My Eye, our students learn how clour pictures and shapes.
Students are colour their own work.


Group work for students, Teachers gave task to help students participate in their groups.

Below are pictures of our classrooms, building work is in progress.

classroom 1
Thumbs Up Academy, A very special School. classroom block
View of the classroom
Back side of Classroom block