Call for Application for Social Change makers


Are you passionate to make a difference in the life of someone with Disability? Or can you reach someone who plan to do so? Thumbs Up Uganda seek application from people who have innovative idea that can create positive permanent change and perception of community members toward people with disability.

A 1 month training will be conducted in Gulu, Uganda on the 2nd to 29th October 2017 base on a tailored made curriculum, participants will experience what it takes to turn own venture idea for social change into reality and come out with the most unique standing point and be better prepared to begin their own social ventures. Send your interest to then you will be given a form to fill.

Only participants from East Africa are legible to apply

Download application form from here


One thought on “Call for Application for Social Change makers”

  1. Dear colleagues, supporters , social change makers,
    We are pleased to inform you that the dateline for the application is extended up to 15th August 2017, take this time to send your application for social change makers interested to work in Disabilities field. Together, we can utilize the ability of persons with disability.

    Thank you
    Samuel Odwar
    Director at Thumbs Up Uganda

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