kanthari SpringBoard Training conducted from 15th Oct to 11th November 2017

Thumbs Up Uganda conducted a one month’s training for change makers in Uganda interested to work in disability fields. 15 participants participated, their details can be got here:

Profiles for Springboard participants – Thumbs Up Uganda October 2017 to November 2017

Amito Beatrice

I am a social worker by profession, in the Northern part of Uganda in Omoro District. In my past experience, I realized that the persons living with disabilities are in most cases left out especially in the area of ICT/Technology. Only those who went to university get the basic knowledge on computer applications. I intend to open up a computer training center that will help persons living with physical disability learn basic computer skills and knowledge so that they can get employment and be self-reliance and be independent.


Email: beatriceoketta@gmail.com

Tel: +256782654576


Aciro Kevin

Social worker by profession. She worked in Gulu district NGO Forum for 5 years as a community facilitator in the district of Amuru, Nwoya and Gulu district. Currently she is volunteering in Vision for Children and Youth Forum in Amuru district.

As a community facilitator she had worked in various districts, but more specifically in my district of Amuru where I do live, in Oguru village, kal parish, Pabbo Sub County.

One day, I witnessed three children living with disability shifted from their mothers’ home to our home just because of inadequate food at their mothers’ place.  Can you imagine children with disabilities have been neglected from their mothers place? “I have learnt a lot from this training organized by Thumbs Up Uganda and I want to do something for families who have children with disabilities”

My dream project is “food for disabled children”. The activities are kitchen garden, at least small garden farm per each families that have children with disabilities, providing seeds, small saving groups for the parents of disabled children.



Tel: +256 771640089

























Mr. Oboe Lawrence

43 years old, a social worker, he grew up as an orphan , during his school times , his friends who had disabilities dropped out of schools, most of them are jobless these days.  He want to create a learning centre for youth with disabilities. “I came up with the idea of setting up this vocation community training center especially for school dropout youth living with disability between the ages 16-35 years”. Youth living with disability and without any skill that could support them in their life, especially as far as earning income is concern. Providing a holistic vocational training skill to school dropout youth 60% of those living with disability and 30%, living without disability at the age of 15 to 30 years. The training will be in Carpentry, Metal fabrication, Block Laying and Concrete Practice, Tailoring and Cutting Garment, shoemaking. This project is to bridge the gap in education between those who did not get formal education due to many factors, this will help them to get employment and be productive in life


Email: oboelawrence@gmail.com




 27 years old male and a social worker by profession. I am the founder and Executive Director at vision for children and youth forum a CBO based in Amuru District Northern Uganda. I am supporting vulnerable children and youth in the community. My dream project is on empowerment of the parents, guiding children and youth with disability ox-plough cultivation techniques

I decided to develop this project because most parents /guardian do abandon these children due to poverty and low income earning especially in the rural area. My project is unique because it has not yet been implemented in Amuru

Email: geofrey.ochan@gmail.com





Ochan Geofrey































Oketta Andrew Rutherford

30 years old, a counselor, He have worked with many NGOs and Gulu local government.  These exposure helped him to understand how other organizations and local government marginalizes persons with disabilities. Persons with disabilities are not fully involved in projects activities, most of the decisions are imposed to persons with disabilities hence they remain in poverty. After participating in Thumbs Up Uganda, he want to start a poultry keeping project for wheel chair users only. Andrew have already met with many of the wheelchair users within his community and they proposed to start this project because it has available market. Products shall be utilized at home and in the communities.

Email: adrewrutherfordk@gmail.com

Tel: +256777190226

Asiimwe Elisa  26yrs old, born and raised in Bushenyi district in Western Uganda. I am an environmentalist by profession. I got the motivation to work in the field of disability because in the community where I come from, there are people who live with disability who could be able to work for themselves, but they are being discriminated by the community, the leaders, and sometimes their own families. They face a lot of negative attitudes towards them. Some of these PWDs have decided to commit suicide because of being discriminated by their family, the community, and the government which is supposed to take responsibility over them.

He desire to help children with disability in my community to take a lead in fighting environmental degradation  that shall empower children living with disabilities in my community since our environment are being abused in the whole district and this will enable them to live in a happy life like other people

Email: elisasiimwe@gmail.com

Tel: +256781423747























Odongo William

29years old male, a social worker by profession and a community rehabilitation worker  to support children with disabilities.  According to William, majority of children with disabilities in rural areas have no access to any kind of rehabilitation services. He observed that there is no close attention and supervision to their growth and development, education and health needs.  The children are regarded as a burden to their families and often suffer discrimination.  Their personal hygiene is often in pathetic conditions as little attention and care is accorded to them.  From the knowledge and skills gained from this one month training in Thumbs Up Uganda, I propose to create a sport Centre to support the development of children in Gulu district.



Ms. Violet Kukundakwe

29 year old female from Kabale district.

She have a 27 year old sister (my follower), Rachel Nyamahungye, living with Cerebral Palsy. Her sister enjoys being outdoors and eating meat. This prompted her to start a small poultry farm to take care of her only sister. She happy to obtained 4 years’ experience in poultry farming and with the one month training received from Thumbs Up Uganda, she  would like to transfer these agricultural skills to other youths living with Cerebral Palsy in Kibale district. This will ensure food security for families of youths with cerebral palsy, build their self-esteem, as well as empowering them financially.























Okello Simon Peter

I am Okello Simon Peter, Executive director of: Northern Uganda Transparency and Accountability Forum (NUTAF), an organization that promotes: equitable access and allocation of public resources within the local community with special attention to the interests of the vulnerable persons, protects human rights, peace building, promotes cultural best practices, promotes religious tolerance, among others .My dream project is to “Protect the human rights of persons living with disabilities in the local community”, for them to equally access the basic needs of: Food, Security, Shelter, Education, Health, Clothing, among others.


Achayo Lucy Alberta

I am Achayo Lucy Alberta, age 22 years, a Ugandan by nationality. I am currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration at Gulu University. I enrolled to this training because of my desire and intentions to educate, empower, encourage and direct people with different disabilities through a project entitled “Changing Lives”. This project will aim at providing a way of living, i.e. a source of income, a friendly and accepting society for people with disabilities and ensuring the rights and needs are addressed and exercised in the society.






















Komakech Shan

Am Komakech Shan, 29 years old, a teacher from omoro district. I studied in a main stream schools with children with disabilities, they used to suffer a lot; no special toilets was meant for them, infrastructure was even too poor for them to access and I personally experienced how all situation they were in, some of the situation were preventative but none want to help them. These have made me designed the project “Sensitise Schools for Inclusive Education”. Which targets primary and secondary schools in koro sub county, omoro district on what it mean by inclusive education. All leaders, parents, pupils, school administrators and community members will all joins in fighting discrimination and stigmatization.

Email: tshankomakech@gmail.com

Tel: +256777755779


 Opiyo Peter

Peter is 29 years old from Northern Uganda.  A journalist on radio Pacis. I enjoyed contributions of persons with disabilities during my Radio program. I want to specialize in gathering and amplifying the voices of PWD’s through the media by practical participation to engage all stakeholders to change the mind-set of the community on PWD’s from the negative to a positive perspective, to enhance a happy positive livelihood in them. To do this, recording in audio and video format, voices of PWDs on challenges they encounter, with other life experiences in life, and airing them through films, plays, live-actions, Music, Dance, Drama, trainings, frequent radio programs, social media, community dialogues and debates, stories, poems, games, books, journals, pictures and even TVs, can sensitize, advocate, educate, and inform the community on PWDs to forge positive attitude and hence inclusion. I propose to change the attitude through “ATTITUDE UGANDA”

ATTITUDE UGANDA shall work with youth with disabilities to make voices of person with disabilities be heard.

Email petersonopiyo@gmail.com

Tel: +256 774486691

























Ayaa Beatrice

32yrs, from Omoro District. Am a teacher by profession, I developed interest in this project because throughout my life experience as a teacher, children with disability have not been given equal/fair treatment in pursuit of their education hence making it a big challenge for parents of children who have disability. I would like to establish an inclusive school in Nwoya District where there is no single school of a kind. I shall be sensitizing the community about the values of educating children with disability.


Tel: +256 772184145