About Us

THUMBS UP – UGANDA is a Non-governmental organization. Founded by Samuel Odwar who is a parent of a deaf child to work with parents of disabled children in Uganda. It is located in Gulu district, Uganda in the Eastern part of Africa. In January 2015, THUMBS UP registered with Gulu District community development office as a Community Based Organization (CBO Reg no: CDR 6976), it will be registered under the NGOs registration act of the Uganda government soon in order to extend and operate in other districts in Uganda and later all over East Africa.


SamuelThumbs up to fight culture of superstitious belief and create inclusive community!
My name is Samuel Odwar, 36 years old from Gulu- Uganda, am a parent of three children, a special needs teacher, mobility trainer.
I faced quite a number of challenges in life; it was challenging to attend schools, suffered torture atrocities of LRA. My first born child suffered malaria at the age of two months and he became profoundly deaf. Most affected by attitudinal behaviors of my community members towards my family with a disabled child, they mocked, laughed at me and, some said it was a result of my parent’s sin, my wife was forced to leave me, it took me some time to recover but later some understood. I noted that children with disabilities are subjected under complete suffering even by their real parents, they are locked indoors and no freedom of participation.
In 2014, I attended a 7 months training for social entrepreneurship at kanthari in India where I also got the opportunity to be trained by VISIO in mobility skills. With the knowledge received, i really feel to make a contribution to the society, to the disability community, neighbors, everybody else in Uganda and the entire Globe that we need equal treatment for all. I want to see inclusive societies where diversity and values means equality of treatment and participation in schools, homes, and public, Media, societies and parent’s attitude changed. Supporting parental self-help groups and providing awareness training.
I know that some of the greatest works of life emerged out of hardships, but I also know that great effort can grow and develop in projects like what I proposed. Being raised by my grandfather has taught me “that the focus should not be on where you have been, but on where you are going and more importantly, where you want to go” Thumbs Up- Uganda.