Our vision statement: One day, all parents will live in inclusive communities that embrace the uniqueness of their children.
Our mission statement: Enhance the quality of life for the parents of children with disabilities with active learning and supporting strategies at home, in communities and schools.


1. Equipping parents of children with disabilities with adequate skills and Early Assessments and intervention of disability.
2. Offering rehabilitation programmes for children with disabilities.
3. Building the confidence of parents of children with disabilities
4. Empowering parents to increase the quality of life of the parents through income generating activities



We want to see the parents feeling comfortable in the way they handle their children with disabilities.
To see inclusive communities that includes parents of children with disabilities.
We want to see children with disabilities equally participating in regular educational programmes in schools in Uganda.


Thumbs up- Uganda is determined to work with the children with disabilities at home, in the communities and in schools through the following strategies;

At home level, thumbs up – Uganda shall:
Create field trips in order to identify the target groups.
Develop a training course.
Train the parents.
Building parent’s supportive groups in order to create effective networks.

In order to have inclusive communities, Thumbs up – Uganda shall:
Build model center where parents of children with special needs creatively participate in education, community health and social- economy and where disabled minors are facilitated to become roots and seeds of inclusive communities.
Empowerment mechanisms such as income generating activities and ensure that children and families are aware of and fully supported in gaining access to such mechanisms.
Awareness raising and educational campaigns for the public as well as specific groups of professionals with the aim of preventing and addressing the discrimination of children with disabilities.
Create a focal point for disability in each relevant community with members drawn from relevant different groups and organizations of persons with disabilities. This committee should be empowered to initiate proposals, suggest policies and monitor progress.

In schools and institutions, Thumbs up – Uganda shall:
Hold workshops, meetings, discussions for effective remedies of the rights of children with disabilities in schools, institutions and ensure that these remedies are accessible to all children with disabilities, families and caregivers.
Lobby for educational needs, appropriate individual support including assistive devices, sign language, Braille materials and differentiated needs accessible curriculum.
Open an inclusive early childhood and primary education, accessible buildings, training of teachers and other professionals in social security and retention of children with disabilities.